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International relocation – quality moving service Frey & Klein

Moving abroad has never been so easy and comfortable

  • decades of experience in moving projects in and outside the EU
  • reliable network of moving partners all around the globe
  • international relocation service for employees, athletes especially soccer players
  • one point of contact, expert advice, and hands-on support
London, Paris, Brussels, Bern: When you need to move abroad, we will get you there. We offer an international relocation service that guarantees everything you need to settle down well – including professional immigration advice.

Our experts provide you with the practical support and knowledge required to make your upcoming international relocation a success. When it comes to moving, we know no borders. Whether you’re moving abroad for personal or professional reasons we are here to help you with the international relocation process. From planning and packing to registration, from home and school search to pet relocation, we do it all.

Frey & Klein

International relocation service!

International relocations within and outside Europe
International relocation requires good coordination. Your country of destination might have special requirements such as customs or visa formalities.

In principle, international relocations within the EU don’t cause major problems. There are no customs formalities and we don’t have to take too many bureaucratic hurdles for you. But international relocations to non-EU countries are associated with numerous administrative procedures and tasks that seem quite complex: deregistering with the local authorities, household clearance, disconnecting utilities, and many more. When moving overseas, we help you with terminating contracts and we take care of all customs and entry requirements. Our moving experts help you with your visa application and the required documents to obtain your work permit.


Say hello to the mountains and move to Switzerland
Moving to Switzerland should be well planned. You have to expect longer transport and entry times and you should also be prepared for the customs formalities.
With our moving checklist, we make international relocations easier for you. Our consultants help you learn everything you need to move abroad and help you get all the required documents. Together with our professional moving service, we make your upcoming international relocation a success.

Door-to-door delivery when moving to the Benelux




Because the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) are only a stone’s throw away, you might think that moving to the Benelux is easy. Indeed, moving to the Benelux without customs formalities is quite carefree, almost like a local relocation. But just like any other international relocation, moving to the Benelux requires a good planning. We guarantee the smooth door-to-door transport of your items – to and from anywhere in the world. Our international moving service includes dismantling, packing, overseeing customs processes, and storing.


Moving to the UK: no challenge – even after Brexit

Brexit or not – Frey & Klein is still your reliable partner when moving to the UK.
Since there are only three entry points to the island, you should expect a longer entry when moving to the UK. Good preparation is also recommended: make sure you’ve got your ID, proof of address, and your employer’s letter with you when entering the island. Once you’re in your new home town you need to set up a new bank account, apply for a National Insurance Number, and register with local tax authorities. Again, our expert advice and checklist make sure you are prepared with everything you need making your international relocation a success.


Moving to France requires good preparation

As an EU citizen, you don’t have to go through customs formalities when you move to France, and you don’t need to apply for a residence permit in order to settle down.
But anyway, international relocations can be challenging, especially when you move to France with kids. Looking for a family-appropriate home? Need to find a new school? Our stress-free international relocation service includes a home and school finding service as well.

Frey & Klein

International relocation service!

Services for your relocation

expert advice / moving checklist
help with all customs formalities
registration procedure
non-binding and need-based offer
packing and unpacking service
transport off your moving goods
installation work (electrics & water)
moving lifts / external elevators for upper floors
final cleaning
moving with children
moving with pets
We convinced you? Then contatct us: Our experts gladly consult you for your optimal move.