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Are you afraid that a move could cause any loss or damage to your goods and furniture? When moving, there is always a chance that something will get damaged. To avoid that you should hire professionals.

Frey & Klein

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Moving after fire damage
If any part of your home suffers smoke or fire damage, it often has to be cleaned and restored.

During the restoration process, sometimes it’s necessary and sometimes it’s just wiser to move out temporarily. This allows the workers full access to the house and to conduct all repairs. When you want to move after fire damage – whether temporarily or permanently – we support you with our advice and full service.

Moving after water damage
Whether a fire or water damage, both can be physically and emotionally overwhelming and very expensive.
After water damage in your bath or kitchen, for example, the affected walls and floors must be dried. This can take several days, weeks, or even months and depends on the extent of the restoration work that needs to be done after the professional drying. Usually, you can’t live in the affected rooms during this period. That means you have to leave the apartment until the damage is repaired. Our trained team makes your move after water damage goes as smoothly and safely as possible. They wrap and pack your goods with good care, store items that don’t fit to your temporary home, and even help with cleaning.

In the case of fire or water damage, you have to act fast! We support you with:

  • moving service
  • packing service
  • storage and transportation
  • clean-up service
  • waste disposal
We convinced you? Then contatct us: Our experts gladly consult you for your optimal move.