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Pet relocation: we move your pet with care

We treat your pet with kindness during transportation and minimize the stress of pet relocation.

  • proven experience with animal transportation
  • excellent support from our local experts
  • safe and air-conditioned transport boxes
Pets are cherished members of the family. To move them safely and comfortably, Frey & Klein provides a very special and species-appropriate pet relocation service.
Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, ferrets, horses, turtles or any other (exotic) animal: Your beloved pet is far too precious to be treated as cargo. From our experience with animal transportation, we know that moving with animals can be very stressful for owners and pets. With our pet relocation service, we ensure a trouble-free move to and from anywhere in the world.

Frey & Klein

Moving company since 1896.

Species-appropriate pet transport
Moving with a pet requires a lot of experience, kindness, and sometimes patience. Frey & Klein has been in the moving and transport business for over 120 years.
We can move a single pet or a group of animals, from and to any location around the world. Our team consists of pet owners and pet lovers. We treat every pet – no matter how small or big – as a VIP (Very Important Pet). With species-appropriate and air-conditioned transport boxes, we ensure a pleasant pet relocation by land, plane, or ship. Because we have been in the pet transportation business for so long, we know all relevant rules, regulations, and licensing requirements, and can even help you with your pet’s health certificate. Please contact us if you need our pet relocation service. We support you in moving the things that mean the most to you.

The health of your pet is important to us:

pet relocation as a service
species-appropriate transport
licensed transport boxes
air-conditioned vehicles
reception at the airport
support at the destination
expert advice (permits, health certificate, etc.)
We convinced you? Then contatct us: Our experts gladly consult you for your optimal move.