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    Special transport

Reliable and safe in every respect – our special transport service:

  • trained staff for customised packing service
  • heavy-duty solutions for every weight
  • shock-resistant, air-conditioned containers
  • help with customs formalities
Perishable foods, fragile windows, big and heavy furniture, or valuable music instruments– our special transport brings your good safely to its destination. Frey & Klein is your reliable and competent logistics partner with over 120 years of experience in moving and transportation.
Special transport is a case for the specialists of Frey & Klein. We do not just pack heavy machinery or technical equipment properly. We transport valuable and fragile goods with expertise and good care so that they arrive undamaged at their destination. Professional packaging techniques, customised packaging materials, and shock-resistant transport containers are a small science: but we have experts, who exactly know what they’re doing. We cannot move mountains yet: but we are a logistics partner companies and administrations can trust when entire departments move within a building, city, Germany, or Europe. We also provide a worldwide special transport service.

Frey & Klein

Moving company since 1896.

Heavy goods transport
We are experts in heavy goods transport. Nothing is too heavy or too big for our moving and transport company. Trust us.
With more than 120 years of experience, trained staff, and a strong vehicle fleet, we manage heavy goods transports of all sizes. To pack and load your goods right, we also have special transport containers, need-oriented packing material, and modern loading technics. That makes us an excellent partner when it comes to business and clinic relocations: we move machines for specialist companies, medical equipment, office furniture, safes, and data rags to where they are needed.

Piano transport

Valuable instruments like a piano we transport with the highest care.
Our special transport experts make sure nothing happens to your item and that the sound will be the same after transportation. Therefore, we professionally pack your piano, e-piano, or grand piano, load it with caution and transport it safely. The special transport of a grand piano is a particular challenge because its legs have to be dismantled before the instrument fits through a door. If you wish, we use a hoisting crane to lift the piano through a window.

Safe transport

The special transport of a safe is not a case for Agent 007, it’s a job for our experts!
We take care of everything that requires security and reliability during the safe transport: our specialists are always on hand when safe containers of savings banks or casinos have to be moved discreetly. When you move or travel, we also transport your private safe for you – of course to its desired location. This is part of our special transport service!

Machine transport

Do you want to relocate your workshop or factory? In this case, our special transport team comes to help you with the transportation of your machines and equipment.
Thanks to our experts, your business won’t be affected at all. If you wish so, we also work in the late evening hours or on the weekend. When we relocate the machine park of a specialist company, every move has to fit. Our qualified staff knows how to manage such a machine transport successfully on time. We go into detail already during the inspection of your equipment and the planning of the upcoming relocation and special transport. From disassembling and packing to loading and transporting, there should be no doubt on the day of the move. Our special vehicles e.g. pallet trucks, loading cranes, and forklifts are ready to master your machine transport.

Frey & Klein

Moving company since 1896.

An overview of our special transport services:

heavy load
data racks
valuable goods (e.g. antiques)
libraries / archives
art logistics
technical devices
large medical devices
fragile things
We convinced you? Then contatct us: Our experts gladly consult you for your optimal move.