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    Hunsrueck warehouse: safe & efficient – enough space for everything important to you

Interim storage solution

Our Hunsrueck warehouse is the best interim storage solution for your moving goods. If you want to spend a year abroad or if you are downsizing temporarily, we store your belongings for you. In our warehouse, there is enough space for your needs.
Whether refrigerator, furniture, files, general cargo, or pallet goods: with our warehouse, there is the right interim storage option for almost every need. Our logistics centre is an efficient lynchpin for regional, national, and international goods traffic. Depending on your needs, we offer optimal solutions for interim or permanent storage of valuable and important goods in our warehouse.

Frey & Klein

Your best interim storage solution.

File archiving
Administrations, facilities, and institutions use our warehouse for the safe archiving of their files.
When companies or departments move, we also offer enough interim storage space for their moving goods. In many cases, we support public institutions and companies with suitable storage space for their administrative documents or client correspondence, trading books, management reports, or annual financial statements. If you would like to find out more about file archiving or our interim storage, simply give us a call, and we will be glad to advise you.

Self-storage: affordable storage place for every need

Do you want to make space in your home? Do you need to store things while a short-term stay abroad? Or did you inherited a valuable item that doesn’t go well with the rest of your house?
There are many circumstances and reasons that require a good storage solution. Therefore, the option of self-storage in rented rooms is used more and more frequently. No matter what space you need to keep your goods protected and dry – there are many ways in our Hunsrueck warehouse.

Frey & Klein

Your best interim storage solution.

Customs warehouse: your port of transhipment
As a transhipment point for international goods traffic, our customs warehouse serves as a stopover for distribution to countries inside and outside the EU – and by air freight to overseas countries. We take part in the global exchange of goods from our Hunsrueck warehouse.

Our solution for need-based storage – our Hunsrueck warehouse:

2700 m² area
average height of 10 meters
container storage 18 meters height
safe and cost-efficient storage in 10- or 20-foot steel containers
optionally, storage on open platforms, so-called flats
open tops for oversized goods
wooden containers for smaller storage slots
weatherproof storage of containers in locked halls
direct sealing after storing
We convinced you? Then contatct us: Our experts gladly consult you for your optimal move.