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Athlete relocation – when players move: the supreme discipline of employee relocation:

When transfer rumours come true, it’s time for athletes to move to the next club and new home.

  • expert advice & hands-on support
  • one point of contact – worldwide
  • country-specific move checklist
  • house finding & registration service
Besides conventional employee relocations, Frey & Klein is specialized in athlete relocations. Whether soccer players, handball players, or basketball players – we help athletes move and settle down well.

Moving for a new job is quite common. Frey & Klein supports clients in relocating employees across Germany, Europe, and the world all the time. While we treat every move with special care, an athlete relocation can require additional moving service.

Soccer players, handball players, basketball players – when they join a new squat in a new city, there is not much time for planning. While athletes hop into the next plane, we manage their relocation with moving, house finding, and registration service.

Frey & Klein

Moving company for professional athletes.

When soccer players switch clubs, they have to move

When a professional soccer player signs a contract with a new club, he’s tasked with moving his entire life – his family with kids, all his belongings, and his exclusive fleet of cars. Because athletic relocations are major, you need a specialist moving company that assists you with your move. As experts, we understand the stresses of moving your life and what you need. We offer the right moving services to help you move, live, and perform abroad easily.

Besides soccer players, we also help athletes from every type of sport, managers, sporting directors, and coaches to relocate.

Personal relocation service for footballers & Co.

Our relocation services vary from athlete to athlete. Footballers might need a different service than soccer players or basketball players. If you wish so, we provide a quality full service from start to finish including household clearance and house hunting: you’re packed up, moved, and unpacked in one swift sweep. Thanks to our global logistics partners, we can guarantee a smooth moving process in Germany, the EU, and the world.

Even if you want to take your cars with you, we can manage that and take good care of your fleet.

Each athlete relocation requires personal service. On request we provide:

  • international relocation
  • visa service
  • home finding service
  • setting-in service
  • language classes
  • school search service
  • moving with kids
  • moving with pets
  • car transportation
  • car purchase
  • storage

Frey & Klein

Moving company for professional athletes.

Handball players: moving from start to finish

The transfer window of handball players is often tight, and busy professional athletes have enough on their minds to plan their relocation right. We take care of every aspect of your athlete relocation. We understand that an athlete relocation can be sudden and urgent. But we are here to help you every step of the way.

You’re moving abroad? When athletes move, language skills are often ignored. If you want to feel home in a different country and join a new team, speaking the language is one of the most important things to make a good start. Therefore, our relocation service for athletes includes finding language classes.

Basketball players: complete relocation service
Dirk Nowitzki is Germany’s best-known (former) basketball player and one of the world’s best basketballers of all time. And even he had to master his athlete relocation to Dallas, USA, several years ago. But ‘Derkules’, as Nowitzki is called by his fans, defeated opponents straight after his athlete relocation. You know why? Because he was able to fully concentrate on his game right from the start, while professionals like us managed his athlete relocation.
Ice hockey players: athlete relocation at the highest level
Ice hockey was invented in Montreal in 1875. Then as now, playing in the Canadian league or the neighbouring American league is like the holy grail to many ice hockey players. When their biggest dream comes true, ice hockey players have to move overseas. We’re specializing in international athlete relocation and ensure that your belongings are packed, transported, or stored safely.
We convinced you? Then contatct us: Our experts gladly consult you for your optimal move.